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​​The Rotary Club of Waupaca is proud to have three "inbounds" for the 2015-16 exchange year!  These students are here for 11 months from another country.

KEI, JAPAN, 2015-16

“This exchange program has been showing me a different world even it is a very little thing.  Who could imagine that you have sugar in milk?  Who could imagine how football is important here?  Who could suppose how cold it here is without staying here a while?  It is really important to see something with our own eyes.  Then we can determine how the country is.  Relying on only the ‘news’ could be risky because in this case, we know overall but we don’t know exactly.   I’m really appreciative to all of you to give me such a wonderful experience.  I keep enjoying and learning here!” - Kei


“My year has led to many new experiences and meeting new people which have had a huge impact on my life and it has changed me for the better.  I have go to see places I have only dreamed of seeing and enjoyed learning about the culture.  It has opened my eyes to the world and widened my horizons for a way of life and how cultures are all different no matter how much or how little.” - Justin

FRAN, CROATIA, 2015-16

“My exchange has impacted my life in ways I thought it never would.  I met many new wonderful people that made the start of this wonderful year a lot easier.  I joined some sports teams which was really great because I never played them on competitive level.  It also allowed me to see how I fit in another Country and another family.  Adapting to family was one of the things that was going to be the harde3st but it was the easiest.  School is in many ways different, so I also had to get used to that.  Most important thing that exchange made me realize is that even though I miss my friends and family back home I have to think how wonderful this year is going to be and how many amazing experiences I will have and people I met and will meet!  It has been a fun ride so far hopefully it continues to be a fun ride!” - Fran