The Rotary Youth Exchange Committee coordinates and supports the Rotary High School exchange program.  The goal of youth exchange is to help foster international understanding, goodwill and peace.  There are two types of Exchanges: Long-term and Short-term.  A long-term exchange is an opportunity for students to study abroad for 11 months. Living with host families for a year in another country is truly an amazing, life-changing experience.  It provides an opportunity to become fluent in another language and be immersed in the culture, forming bonds of friendship that will last a lifetime.  A short-term exchange offers opportunities for students to make a connection with a family in another country by visiting a family abroad and hosting someone from that same family. This is usually a 6 to 8 week commitment with 3 to 4 weeks spent visiting and then 3 to 4 weeks hosting.

Two or three students from abroad are hosted each year.  Our club helps to coordinate their stay in Waupaca, finding host families, working with the school, and providing support for the student while they are away from home for 11 months.  Check out this year's inbound students who are currently living in Waupaca here...

Waupaca Students are offered an opportunity to study abroad for a year.  Selections occur in the fall, followed by 8 months of training and departure in August. Learn more about applying to participate in the program here...    Check out the Waupaca students who are either on an Outbound Exchangeor Preparing to Leave.

Students who have returned home to the United States are encouraged to take a leadership role in preparing future exchange students for their year abroad.  Most students attain a high level of language proficiency and feel bi-cultural in many ways.  They become an ambassador for their host country here in the United States.  Check out the Waupaca Students who are Rebounds from last yearhere...

Waupaca families open their home to our Inbound students and form the backbone of support for our visitors.  Families learn about another culture and also see our own culture through new eyes.  Host families often make life-long connections with visiting students and their families.

The Rotary exchange program would not be possible without the high level of support we get from teachers, guidance counselors, and principals at the Waupaca High School.


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