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The Rotary Club of Waupaca was originally sponsored by the Appleton Rotary Club and was officially formed on January 23, 1993.  The Founding Rotarian was Ron Reynolds, who continues to be an active volunteer.  Early on, the club enjoyed starting their meetings with a song, and this practice evolved to the point there is a regular "rotary band" that leads the club in singing at every weekly meeting.   The club has grown to be an active and vibrant organization of over 80 men and women committed to service above self.


Year          WBRC President
2009/10       Gene Wasserberg
2010/11         Al Foote
2011/12         Henry Veleker
2012/13         Jan Bax
2013/14         Dick Bidwell
2014/15         Terri Schulz
​2015/16         Joel Sullivan
2016/17        Reid Raschke
2017/18        Bill Zimmerman
2018/19        Faye Wilson
2019/20       Eric Hendrickson
2020/21        Trey Foerster

Current Officers - Photo taken at the Annual Banquet on June 26, 2019. Left to Right: Faye Wilson, Eric Hendrickson, Trey Foerster, Bill Lipschultz, Terri Schulz and Wes Klages. Not present, Diane Baker and Tim Dietzen
Ron Reynolds
Founding Rotarian for the Rotary Club of Waupaca


Year          WBRC President
1993                 Ron Reynolds
1993/94         Doug Wage
1994-95          Alan Ruetten
1995/96         John DeVos
1996/97         Richard Arneson
1997/98         Bob Dent
1998/99         Mike Mazemke
1999/2000   John Gusmer
2000/01       Cindy Oerter
2001/02        Joe Jones
2002/03       Deb Johnson
2003/04       Jack Rhodes
2004/05       Wilson Roane
2005/06       Greg Loeser
2006/07       Marge Goerman
2007/08       Charlie Justmann
2008/09       Andrea Jenson​

Photo taken during 2018 Annual Banquet.  From Left to Right: Reid Raschke, Greg Loeser, Faye Wilson, Joel Sullivan, Terri Schulz, Henry Veleker, Andrea Jenson, Joe Jones, John Gusmer, Wilson Roane, Charlie Justmann, Gene Wasserberg, John DeVos, Ron Reynolds, Cindy Oerter, Bill Zimmerman, Bob Dent, Alan Ruetten